Tradition and Excellence since 1878

Dear Customers,

We are pleased to welcome you to our Confectionery in the 145th year of our existence.

This year, too, we will work diligently to make the best possible so that the cakes and Baumkuchen taste as good as we imagine.

We wish you a pleasant time in our confectionery and enjoyable moments with our products. Your Konditorei Rabien - Team

  • Unfortunately, our café in the confectionery will remain closed until the turn of the year.

Konditorkunst und Handwerk seit 1878
"Meeting the notables from Potsdam and Berlin"

In the Imperial capital and residence of Potsdam Ernst Rabien opened his cafe and soon became purveyor to the Court of Prince of Hohenzollern in Potsdam.

The daughter of German Emperor Wilhelm II., August Bebel and later Kurt Tucholsky were regulars just lke the movie stars of nearby Babelsberg movie studios. The Rabien family saw all: the glamourous period of the Hohenzollern emperor Wilhelm II., they lived through the decline, WW 1, the Weimar Republic, the Nazi dictatorship. Finally they had to give up their business in socialist GDR. After the end in Potsdam came the new beginning in the west of Berlin.

Konditorkunst und Handwerk seit 1878
Generations change - the good tradition remains alive

Today our family-owned business is in the fourth generation. Every day, we create fresh tree cake specialities, various layer cakes, wedding- and bithday cakes. And every day, we ship our popular tree cake to customers around the world. Our team of pastry chefs and sugar-craft artists, a staff of 28 are at your service.

Our uncompromising high quality standards aply to every single product of our pastry collection. Only pure, unaltered natural ingredients are used.
We vouch for this with our good family name,

Johannes Rabien

Cafe Rabien reopened in Berlin 2015

As it was the tradition of our family since 1878, our Café Rabien has re opened in 2015 - after 45 years.

The new, big and light Café provides seating inside and outside. Choose from over 60 different cakes and various confectionery, which are baked freshly every day. We serve Austrian cafe, espresso, teas and cold drinks

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Visit us at:

Konditorei Rabien
Klingsorstr.13 - 12167 Berlin

  • Mondays closed
  • Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 - 18:00
  • Sunday 12:00 - 18:00

  • Open Christmas Eve
    Sunday 24.12.2023 from 8.30 - 13.00

  • We are closed from
  • Dec.25th 2023 - Jan. 1st. 2024

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